This morning I got up and read an article on medium

People should not be beaten for what they believe!

Often I will believe something, get additional information and change my mind…And on rare occasions I get more information and change it back.

Often I do not form an opinion on things that do not effect me.

The person who had gotten beaten was from the United Kingdom. England has been around long enough so that it’s citizens should be civilized. I imagine that most of them are.

I know I am an American Citizen and I expect to be able to go anywhere on the planet and be free from crime. It is not the real world works but is the ideal everyone should strive for.

I feel sorry for those who would transgress on others or myself, because if that behavior continues; one day they will find themselves outmatched and woefully unprepared for the consequences of their actions.

I am a modern day man of lamancha: No treacherous windmill is safe from my wrath.