My goPro Gear Series


My name is Paul and it has been two weeks since I have bought my last Snapmount. (https:www.snapmounts.com)


My primary video cameras have switched from being Sony and Panasonic Camcorders to GoPro Hero 9’s. (I long explanation will follow in another article.

I discovered Snapmounts and ordered one of them for each of my 2 GoPro 9’s. I ordered tripod mounts for two small tripods and two suction cup mounts. I also ordered the mount for smartphones.

I have one suction cup mount for a GoPro to be used for Blogging and driving. (It has also been used for recording driving)

I have an additional Suction Cup mount for use with a cellphone.


I have an additional Snapmount-adapter for a Nu Grip Floating, pole, grip tripod https://www.nu-bear.com

An additional one for a small tripod I picked up somewhere

and the Phone mount I can attach to both the suction cup and the tripods.

I need to get one for my Ulanzi tripod which is also a power bank which can be obtained here.


To make it look neat I use a USC coiled Cable which can be gotten here


to secure the coiled cable I use Multi purpose cable ties https://amzn.to/3p9Vej3

When I was in the Dominican Republic and I was having issues with charging cables and plugs. In a pinch I was able to charge my phone with the (Ulanzi) tripod.

I also need to get another Snapmount -adapter for the GoPro wrist mount.

I am a modern day man of lamancha: No treacherous windmill is safe from my wrath.