Bottom Line Up Front: Lloyd

by Paul Kale


Lloyd Kaufman

@walkeramberlynn Complained about me sharing her video and now i lose my 35,000 young followers on Instagram!!!


Lloyd Kaufman was banned from Instagram.

Lloyd makes us think. Lloyd makes us laugh. Lloyd occasionally offends us. Lloyd could retire and the world would miss out on his talent and the talent he nurchers in others.

Please speak out and help my friend!

I think it was Ben Shapiro who said something like, all Americans basically have the same values, they all have the same definition of what is right or wrong: It is just that those who thought Republicans were assholes became Democrats.

I hope the shenanigans of this past election season are over.

It seems that the country is leaning further to the left than two months ago and that this may be balanced by the appointment Judge Barrett . ( I recently watched a debate with Justice Scalia and a more liberal judge and I came away with the impression that although judge Barrett & sclera use the framework to interpret the law she is not as literal as justice scale based on viewing many of her lectures.

Hopefully a more equal balance of power will enable the government to start getting some work done.

Lloyd Kaufman has always been a defender of free speech way before it was cool to do so. I can not speak on his behalf but I bet he agrees with me that speech does not equal violence.

Lloyd has been a steadfast proponent of net neutrality’s-about-much-more-than-the-first-amendment/?fbclid=IwAR0VTk-2Jp2iZgeU0_--QfT78gDJ-g6Iddd0eGQTEmJFXS7OC3mPGvwQPiE

I hope his vision becomes reality.

Please let instagram know of your displeasure.


I am a modern day man of lamancha: No treacherous windmill is safe from my wrath.