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According to the media the CIA is too WOKE and Dr. Jorden Peterson is the inspiration to/For Red Skull.

This week two news items struck me. I read an article complaining that the CIA was in search of a workforce that embodied all the characteristics of the perfect society as defined by the far left and that was bad. That did not matter though; said the article, because the CIA was bad. They highlighted a video to further the authors argument. At least during my tenure the government has always celebrated and embraced diversity. The CIA has made some…

I would not recommend just putting your iPad in your briefcase.

When transporting it in the car I would suggest a setup similar to the one I use if the iPad is going to be left in the car.

I had an iPad stolen out of my car once, and I was enraged. I bought a Kryptonite steel cable, some master locks, a pelican waterproof case, I do not bring along my iPad often anymore but when I do it is secure. The cable is secured around the base of the passenger seat and the handles of the pelican cases…

Name your GoPro’s

We live in an age where the tools to make a film fit in our pocket. Not only do our iPhones have the capability to record in 4k but for a nominal fee we can acquire the software on the same phone to edit and distribute the same film.

See my GoPro articles.

Life is a balance getting the best is not always the best option. I have used a $13.00 tripod and I have used a $3,000.00 tripod. the difference was I owned the $13.00 one and I wanted to return the $3,000.00 one…

This morning I got up and read an article on medium

People should not be beaten for what they believe!

Often I will believe something, get additional information and change my mind…And on rare occasions I get more information and change it back.

Often I do not form an opinion on things that do not effect me.

The person who had gotten beaten was from the United Kingdom. England has been around long enough so that it’s citizens should be civilized. I imagine that most of them are.

I know I am an American Citizen and I expect to…

Power, Lights and Tripods

You can never have too much Ice, Beer or money at a party-SGT Mike Varone

When making a video it is always better to have too much portable light as apposed to not enough, it is better to have too many tripods, and too much portable power.

I have two solar powered power banks for use in a pinch on the dashboard in my car. I misplaced another power bank that I kept in my,”go” bag and a third power bank is about to go to the big battery farm in the sky.

Fortunately I own…

My goPro Gear Series


My name is Paul and it has been two weeks since I have bought my last Snapmount. (

by Paul Kale


Lloyd Kaufman

@walkeramberlynn Complained about me sharing her video and now i lose my 35,000 young followers on Instagram!!!


Lloyd Kaufman was banned from Instagram.

Lloyd makes us think. Lloyd makes us laugh. Lloyd occasionally offends us. Lloyd could retire and the world would miss out on his talent and the talent he nurchers in others.

Please speak out and help my friend!

I think it was Ben Shapiro who said something like, all Americans basically have the same values, they all have the same definition of what is right or wrong: It is just that those…

Covid 19 Strikes and everyone on the planet (if they are smart) Shelters in Place. No one can go to the movies, netflix explodes. No one can go to the bar and get rejected. Curbside pickup of alcohol and and the consumption of online porn explodes. What do you do when your 8 Terabyte hard drive is filled with uninteresting studio porn? When you want to see porn that is not studio orchestrated, that does not exploit eastern European women. When you want to support the American economy; search your social network. (I AM NOT SUGGESTING LINKED IN)

As I…

I had this girlfriend who asked me to prove that I loved her.

How do you do that when you are 10,000miles away during a global Pandemic?

I felt like the leader of the band on the titanic.

I had a manuscript of a fictionalized Sci-Fi biography that I was going to use for a bonus for signing up for click funnels. I am not (at the moment) promoting Click funnels during the Covid -19 pandemic.

To get a copy click Here

Why I wrote: Flower Child.

I wanted to write an esponage story and I wanted to create a strong female character.


Joyce Preston’s life is perfect. She has a loving family and a the job of a future naval reservist. But, it all changes in a flash, when she witnesses a family friend being murdered in St. Petersburg.

Now, not only is the government involved, but there is also a secret spy organization, whose job it is to protect Joyce and keep her safe, but also whose members are being whacked one by one by a mysterious killer.


Paul Kale

I am a modern day man of lamancha: No treacherous windmill is safe from my wrath.

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