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by Paul Kale


Lloyd Kaufman

@walkeramberlynn Complained about me sharing her video and now i lose my 35,000 young followers on Instagram!!!


Lloyd Kaufman was banned from Instagram.

Lloyd makes us think. Lloyd makes us laugh. Lloyd occasionally offends us. Lloyd could retire and the world would miss out on his talent and the talent he nurchers in others.

Please speak out and help my friend!

I think it was Ben Shapiro who said something like, all Americans basically have the same values, they all have the same definition of what is right or wrong: It is just that those who thought Republicans were assholes became Democrats. …

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Covid 19 Strikes and everyone on the planet (if they are smart) Shelters in Place. No one can go to the movies, netflix explodes. No one can go to the bar and get rejected. Curbside pickup of alcohol and and the consumption of online porn explodes. What do you do when your 8 Terabyte hard drive is filled with uninteresting studio porn? When you want to see porn that is not studio orchestrated, that does not exploit eastern European women. When you want to support the American economy; search your social network. (I AM NOT SUGGESTING LINKED IN)

As I was conversing on facebook I got a friend suggestion the next thing I knew I met a content creator with an interesting imagination. See my previous Article. …

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I had this girlfriend who asked me to prove that I loved her.

How do you do that when you are 10,000miles away during a global Pandemic?

I felt like the leader of the band on the titanic.

I had a manuscript of a fictionalized Sci-Fi biography that I was going to use for a bonus for signing up for click funnels. I am not (at the moment) promoting Click funnels during the Covid -19 pandemic.

To get a copy click Here

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Why I wrote: Flower Child.

I wanted to write an esponage story and I wanted to create a strong female character.


Joyce Preston’s life is perfect. She has a loving family and a the job of a future naval reservist. But, it all changes in a flash, when she witnesses a family friend being murdered in St. Petersburg.

Now, not only is the government involved, but there is also a secret spy organization, whose job it is to protect Joyce and keep her safe, but also whose members are being whacked one by one by a mysterious killer.

After she joins the spy organization’s training program, she realizes that she’s a natural and asks to join the reluctant Agent Wolf in tracking down the killer. …

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On March 10, 2020 I was sitting at a bar, drinking coca-cola, in the Dominican Republic researching a book on domestic intelligence.

My friend told me that I should be writing about sex he said that sex sells.

( can you put together an article on the receipt history of porn based on what you have researched before)

In that vein here is an article on the receipt history of porn.

We all know that pornography has existed since man could draw. In the 20th century it became sophisticated with Hugh Hefner and Playboy magazine.

The Pornography industry has always been on the cutting edge of technology. In the beginning the cost of making a film was about $70,000.00 by the 1980’s the cost of making a video to be distributed on VHS went down to about $10,000.00 I imagine that the cost to make a 360 degree or a 3D video is about the same today. …

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I wanted to see if it was a giant wine fest or if Mr. Bolton had some valid points.

I am not overly concerned about the country; America wins wars despite the incompetence of its generals.

The president did not try and understand the federal government before he was elected

The president did not select the best people first

Much to repair from Obama

Mr. Bolton seems to be conservative.

Both Bolton and the president did not like the Paris accords and the Iran deal

In Middle East policy why did the president feel that Kushner could succeed when Henry Kissinger could not

53 minutes 45 seconds

To get your copy click here

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The Dwellers is the third book in the agent Preston series.

Agent Preston came into being because I wanted to create a strong female spy character.

I went on to craft a narrative that took place during the corvid 19 pandemic.

I dedicated it to my Fillipina Muse; true to form the Muse disappeared before the publishing of the book.


What does a spy do during quarenteen? Saves the country via laptop.

The world is facing an Pandemic, and Agent Joyce Preston is just like any

other member of society, who’s trying to keep herself and others safe in

quarantine. …

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Photo by Dima DallAcqua on Unsplash

this story is not mine and I think it is a joke exchanged between ministers.that does not mean that is not relevant. (again these are not my world and if I knew who the author was I would give them credit)

There was a flood coming to an island and a man prayed to God for help.

A man with a boat came along and offered the homeowner a way to escape the flood. The homeowner turns him away.

the man climbs on the roof and prays again. A helicopter comes to rescue him.

The homeowner sends him away. The floodwaters rise and the homeowner dies. …

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I chose to write about a sisterly bond in my novel White Shadows. It took me a while to find the perfect setting, the perfect combination of bad things to throw at my heroines, to see how they would handle it. Finally, the idea was ripe in mind. This novel presents an idea that even blood relations could be separated by something, and if they are stubborn enough, their relationship could die, just like a flower withering without being taken care of. We have all witnessed such events if not in our own lives, then in the lives of our friends. Family drifts apart, and suddenly, you realize you haven’t spoken to your sibling or your parents for 20 years. Those are the sad truths of life. …

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Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

We have been lacking a shared experience other than knowing what GOT (TV series) is.

Full disclosure: I did not watch, Game Of Thrones past the first season.

Ask most people three generations previous to menials what the answer to life the universe and everything is and 40% of the people will answer 42 (see my article on the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy )

With the traditional entertainment and news sources failing to keep up with technology we as a society are loosing the shared experience at least on a local level.

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) seems only to apply to business. …


Paul Kale

I am a modern day man of lamancha: No treacherous windmill is safe from my wrath.

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